Mentoring the Next Generation in Your Field

Mentoring is a word that is filled with personal historical narrative. Your experiences drive your expectations when you hear about the act of mentoring. You had a coach that helped you to level up your game? Mentoring may mean tips for improving while giving guidance on the field. Your last boss helped you to overcome some bad work habits through contemplative observation? Mentoring takes the form of questioning and seeking a path forward.

No matter your past experience, mentoring means time spent sharing with each other.

The next generation of thinkers and doers in your field are hungry for your time. They need to learn from your experience. There isn’t a set time or pace to mentoring. At times, a mentorship is established in minutes or hours. Other times, it takes months or years to develop the rapport of mentorship.

One thing that you shouldn’t do is wait. Make yourself available today to the next generation. Be open to questions, start building those relationships now. You will grow from the relationship as much as your mentoree will grow from your wisdom.

Get out there and help grow the next generation!

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